In Memory of Ken Albrecht, 2000

In Memory of Pete Albrecht, 1925 (1925 Federal)



  My family has been in the trucking business since the days before trucks.  Our experience from good as well as bad times has only better prepared us for the present day and for the future.  We are able to draw on this bank of knowledge and experience to provide the best service possible to our customers.  This experience should give our customers peace of mind knowing that it is not our first day on the job.

We specialize in hauling bulk material that is expensive and that has a demanding delivery schedule.  This freight must be kept clean and dry.  Our trailers are specially built with no side boards or extra steps, etc. to eliminate places for product to set.  Water seals around the tailgates are installed to prevent the loss of finer materials.  The tarps are continuously tailored to ensure that the trailers is completely covered.  The entire trailer, as well as the tarps and bows are routinely inspected to ensure that your cargo stays dry.  All of our trailers are equipped with a "coal door" to allow the unloading of material onto conveyor belts, augers, or containers.

Our normal lines of traffic are to and/or from: Windsor, Ontario; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Central Ohio.  But we are not limited, we have the authority, licenses and permits to go any place needed.

   I am very proud of all of our employees, they are all able-minded, talented and dedicated professionals.  Our drivers always get the freight to its destination on time no matter what the weather or traffic conditions are.  Our mechanics do an excellent job maintaining all of the equipment.      

If you should have any questions concerning specialized freight and/or projects, do not hesitate to contact us.


































Ken and Mark Albrecht, 1969


Ken and Mark Albrecht, 2000








Ken Albrecht with our senior driver, Gary Brown

1951 R190, re-powered with a Cummins engine







Early '70's fleet

Mark Cadwallader in 2004 Kenworth






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