Concrete Sand

 (rice crispy to sugar)

Fill Sand

 (powdered sugar with clay dough-balls)

Filter Sand

(rice crispy to sugar)

-besides the obvious reasons and beaches.  Can be used on arenas and because of its larger particle size, gets better traction but may cause hoof damage on animals.
-used in septic filter beds.
-fill sand is actually a byproduct of gravel pits. It is made up of the finest particles washed from the process.  Can have gravel and clay in it.  Not very good fill where wet, may get soupy.  But very inexpensive fill.
-besides the obvious reasons, can be used for beaches and sandboxes (particle size makes better sand castles). Can also be used on arenas and because of its smaller particle size, makes softer footing and easier on hooves.
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Mason Sand

 (sugar to dust)