Our excavation service is conveniently combined with our trucking.  Commercial sites typically need topsoil hauled off and compactable material, stone, gravel and sand hauled in, our ability to schedule and perform both the hauling and excavation services maintains constant progress.  Ensuring that trucks are loaded coming in as well as leaving helps reduce the money and the time you invest.  Industrial plants can count on our 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) emergency response: we have clay to form dikes, stone to help fill along with pipe, fittings, pumps, generators/welders as well as experienced workers to operate them.  We have the ability to work in high traffic areas without interfering with your operations.  For the home-owner , our services include but are not limited to land clearing, drainage systems, turn-arounds, driveways, ponds and culvert pipe replacement.

















PONDS/LAKES- We have the capabilities to dig anything from a small pond to a 5 acre lake.





creek bed
drain tile streak
DEMOLITION-  Anything up to 3 stories high, we can crash it down and haul it off.
DRAINAGE-  We can dry out the wettest of areas, including yards, fields and pastures. 

A field is shown here with newly placed drain tile, just after a heavy downpour.  Notice the dry streaks above the tile and quick drainage into the creek below.


RESIDENTIAL - Driveways, basements, building pads, everything from planning to project completion.   
COMMERCIAL-  Demolition and excavation without interfering with plant operations.
SITE WORK-  Planning stages and conception, prep work, systems, etc.

GRADING-  Parking lots, driveways, sports fields, arenas, etc.